Why You Shouldn’t Install Knob And Tubes In Your Home

Knob and tube wiring is a method that was used during the first years of electrical invention till it was decommissioned by the beginning of the 50s.

Knob and tube wiring is a method that was used during the first years of electrical invention till it was decommissioned by the beginning of the 50s. The method was effective until the modern breakthrough in electrical engineering. Engineers argue that, if a KnT system is repaired/well maintained, it could not just work perfectly but also be safe. But it unlikely for homeowners to constantly repair and maintain these old wiring systems creating a dangerous environment for themselves. Aside from the plain reason of being expensive since maintenance and repair will require payment the method is too old. The method was used long before the discovery of electrical appliances, which require heavy power making it non-compatible with such appliances. As such, using these appliances in a house with Tube and Knob wiring system results in decay.

Decay from power overload leads to

Decay from power overload leads to the falling apart from the sheathing covering porcelain knobs and tubes. When! Sheathing falls off it leaves naked wires exposed that may cause a fire if they come into contact with flammable material. Therefore, knob and tube wiring create a fire hazard when not properly checked. Exposed wire also puts you at risk of electrical shock in case you accidentally come into contact with the exposed wire. Traditionally earth wires were not used while installing electricity in a home, Including the KnT wiring system. Earth wire plays a crucial role in diverting excess energy current to the ground, preventing it from damaging your appliances. Because this method of wiring lacks the earth wire, it creates a risk of power overflow that may damage your household electronics.

Why You Shouldn't Install Knob And Tubes In Your Home

It’s not effective in moist environments making it dangerous for installation in areas of the house that are in contact with water. That means kitchen or bathroom use of the wiring system is engineering a disaster in your home. The easy access to these tools encourages curious unskilled personnel to make DIY modifications that prove to be dangerous. Probably because they use the wrong tools such as masking tape where electrical tapes are supposed to be used. Some times people make installations that supply high voltage to the knob and tube system causing, an overload that blows up, starting a fire. When! Old houses are getting renovated, engineers some times force the installation against building materials since they cover them with installations. During such renovations, knob and tube may touch something flammable like a conductor burning through walls or ceiling.

Slight accidental tampering of the wiring by a handyman could result in major damages from shock. Extending the circuit using the old installation is risky as that may overload the entire mode and lead to short. Homeowners wondering if it’s safe or not to use the style should remember that it is only safe if you make it safe. However, this is expensive not only to maintain but repairing is costly too. To be on the safe side it’s advisable to get modern installations that are cheaper to maintain. Additionally, they are much safer than their predecessor whose season expired more than three decades ago.