Difference Between Tool And Equipment

Difference Between Tool And Equipment

Words like tool and equipment are used every day, they have meanings that look alike, but they are two words with a different concept.

Words like tool and equipment are used every day, they have meanings that look alike, but they are two words with a different concept. Many do not know how to distinguish between a tool and equipment.

Tools are physical items used by humans many years ago to achieve their needs. A tool is described informally as a specific process with a specific goal. Machines, apparatus, instruments, implements or utensils are sometimes identified as tools. Any knowledge that is used to obtain, construct and use tools is called technology. According to anthropologists, the essential feature that brought the progress of mankind is the use of tools. Any object that helps in a problem or crisis is referred to as a tool.

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Chimpanzees make use of a stick to get to a banana that cannot be reached with the hands, the stick is used as a tool to get food. When prehistoric men used stone to light fire, they were using them as a tool. Before fire was developed, sharpened stones were used as weapons to attack and kill animals. These sharpened stones became tools for mankind, the items that a carpenter uses to work are tools. Similarly, the items that a plumber works with are called tools. A set of tools is called equipment, the idea of equipment means all sorts of machinery, functional devices or accessories which serve an individual, household or a community purpose.

There are two important types of tools, they are hand tools and power tools. Hand tools can be manipulated easily because of its light weight. They do not require any kind of motors and can be used at any time, anywhere. Power Tools are considered as the one which makes the task to complete easy. It is used to complete a task in a very short time.

Screwdrivers come in different shapes and

The most commonly used general purpose hand tools are knives, scissors, screwdrivers, hammers as well as wrench. Knives are built with hard materials and can be used for opening boxes, letters, or cutting not so tough materials. For safety measures, a knife blade must have a locking mechanism when not in use.

Screwdrivers come in different shapes and sizes from hand tools manufacturers in India. It is one of the must-have tools in a household utility kit. They can be used to screw or unscrew nails on any surface, to tighten the hinges, install light switches, or assemble furniture. The screwdriver is made of blades with different widths and lengths suited for special purposes, the blade is made of forged carbon steel that is heat treated for hardness. It has a handle that can be made from a high-quality plastic to get a good grip.

Difference Between Tool And Equipment

Hammers are designed to offer high force on a small area. These tools are made of a long wooden stick, attached to a block of metal, they can be used for driving nails, breaking objects and forging metal. The hammer should be heavy, so it is effective while hammering nails on the wall. But it must be a proper weight for a user, anyone can lift a hammer easily without any difficulty.

When picking a hammer, it is important to choose the appropriate size and weight to use to avoid being hurt. A common tool that can be found in any household is scissors, scissors are multi-purpose tools. They are useful in a school project, in the kitchen, a DIY job, or anything, it can be useful in opening packages or boxes.

Equipment is used for a specific task, an example is equipment of a car like alternators, absorbers, optical, electronic boxes, equipment of a house may be appliances like refrigerators, kitchen stoves, water heaters, washing machines, trash compactors, microwave ovens, etc. A tool can be non-mechanical, but equipment has a certain mechanical aspect to it that cannot be ignored. The usage of tools among human beings started millions of years ago, the use of equipment is more of a recent development. Equipment is only used by human beings, tools are often seen to be used by animals as well. Tools are generally multipurpose, equipment is designed for a specific task. The right tools or equipment chosen can increase efficiency, reduce repetitive work, help save money and help make workplace safer.